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EPO is the New Wave of Youth Athletic Training

Powered by UNDER ARMOUR. We cultivate premier student-athletes, community leaders, and high quality young people who positively impact their community, state, and our country. EPO specializes in Football Techniques, Speed Tactics, Agility Movement, and Youth Strength and Conditioning for all positions on the football field. Competition, Discipline, and Passion are the tools we use to build self confidence in our athletes for success on the turf and in life. We are an indoor and outdoor year round training program located 20 minutes west of Downtown Denver at the Sport Stable, our 180,000 square foot training facility in Superior, Colorado.

Skill. Strength. Speed.
Non-Contact Training
All Experience Levels

Coach Bordeaux,


Just a short note to say "Thank You" to your staff.  I know you already know this but the level of learning at EPO is well above most training environments.  Yesterday was a great day of learning in the warm-up conditioning phase as well as the individual position breakout session.


Your coaches are sticklers for detail but they also tell the student-athletes "why."  It is very comforting to know that credible coaches are imparting real, accurate and meaningful information.  This is too often not the case elsewhere.


Your conditioning coach, Coach Marvin Williams does a great job.  I could see improvement from the beginning of the segment to the end.  He has an outstanding manner and he helps all the athletes know what it takes to separate themselves from the masses.  Clearly, it is up to the athlete to do the rest but he is doing a very good job of setting the standard, explaining the process to meet that standard and encouraging them to do more in a variety of ways.


Coach Stan Richardson and Coach Jante Gadson were top-notch as well.  Right away, they noticed less than desirable techniques and quickly demonstrated better, more accurate and sound techniques.  In addition, they explained why the new techniques were preferable and gave the student-athlete(s) the opportunity to see the difference.  This is the very reason I sought out EPO.

-EPO Athlete Parent


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