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The Wave is Back 02/06/2022

First off I'd like to say thank you for your patience with us this last month. The impact of the Marshall fire was light on our building but heavy in our community. We are one of the lucky few businesses to be able to continue with "business as usual" but moving forward we will never forget those that have lost their homes, businesses and way of life. EPO will look for opportunities to serve the town of Superior in the near future. We feel it is our responsibility as youth mentors first to also incorporate community service into our training program for our athletes in addition to athletic training. Please take a look at our new training schedule for our athletes. If you have not registered your athlete(s) please do so today. Unregistered athletes will not be allowed to participate in our sessions.

Starting on Sunday 02/06/2022 we will have 3 training programs offered. With two age split training groups:

-Youth Football Prep(ages 6-12)

10:45am-1:15pm @ Indoor Turf

(Football Technique, Speed & Agility, & Athletic Footwork)

-High School Prep(ages 13-18)

11:45am-1:15pm @ Weight Room

(Strength & Conditioning)

1:30pm-3:30pm @ Indoor Turf

(Football Technique, Speed & Agility, & Athletic Footwork)


-Please Use the North Entrance of the building ONLY for drop off and pick up.

-No Spectators are allowed(We are still cleaning areas of the building)

-All Athletes Bring a water bottle, and cleats, workout clothes and a mask.

-High School Prep Group also bring gym shoes to lift in.(No Slides)

-Please arrive & exit the building on time.

-Bring your best effort & Have Fun.

Email Us

with any questions or concerns

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