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EPO Programs

Our training staff consists of college experienced coaches and players who have trained and developed nationally ranked youth & high school athletes here in Colorado. 


In just 4 years we have cultivated


- 3 EPO athletes with a combined 8 Power 5 Division 1 Scholarship Offers as High School Freshmen and counting


-5 Varsity Football Starters as High School Freshmen


-8 Varsity/JV Football Contributors as High School Freshmen

We break the game down to the simplest form to maximize performance and progression in our athletes. We have also compiled top shelf training equipment that will ensure rapid growth and advancement to the next level of our athlete's game.

100% Commitment to our weekly group field and strength training sessions is all we need to take your game to the next level. We offer personalized 1 on1 and small group sessions as well as an option to expedite your evolution process.



EPO Athlete Membership
$150 Per Month

Youth Football Prep

(Ages 6-12)

A fun, rigorous, and engaging introductory level program consisting of Speed, Agility, Athletic Footwork & Football Technique Development on our indoor turf field.


Sunday Schedule

(Begins December 4th 2022)


Athlete Check-in: 10:45am

Session Starts: 11:00am

Session Ends: 1:00pm 

High School Prep

(Ages 13-18)

An advanced level group training program consisting of rigorous Speed, Agility, Precise Football Technique Development, Beast Mode Strength, and Elite Conditioning on our indoor turf field and weight room.

Sunday Schedule

(Begins December 4th 2022)

Athlete Check-in: 11:45am

Strength Session: 12pm-1pm

Field Session: 1:15pm-3:15pm 

We Offer Individual & Small Group Training

Do you want to Evolve Faster?

E-mail "Coach B" for our exclusive development plan. Evolve 1 on 1 with one of our EPO trainers or with 2 to 5 of your friends and accomplish your goals.


Sessions are a 1 hour minimum. 

Please Email us to schedule your session(s).

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